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The Most Important Part of Communications - Listening.

Strategy + Engagement + Multimedia + Messaging

We treat your communications as a strategic asset that must be leveraged.

A mature strategic communication strategy is the fulcrum for achieving mission goals by: 1) establishing focus and priorities,
2) rallying all parts of the organization around a shared goal, 3) spurring cooperation and engagement, and 4) building partnerships with internal and external bodies that enable mission success. 


Our messaging capabilities are broad and include designing, developing, and executing full spectrum strategic communications. This encompasses public affairs, executive supports, marketing, education and coaching, and stakeholder engagement and outreach. Knowesis leverages its own Strategic Communications Product Development Cycle to develop both technical and creative communications for Federal agencies. Our approach creates quantifiable results in achieving mission goals for our clients, garnering significantly increased engagement among target audiences.

Strategic Communication. Using traditional and social media, Knowesis builds effective and purpose-driven communication plans to reach select audiences and meet client goals. Our planning starts with the end in mind and includes effectiveness and performance measures. We develop a layered approach taking into consideration channel preferences and strategies for maximum impact. Our communications plans present an integrated and seamless approach across applications, social media networks, and websites. Clear, consistent, and coordinated outreach ensures that messages drive awareness, engagement, and action.


Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution. Using social marketing principles and industry best practices, Knowesis designs, develops, and deploys practical solutions to improve healthy behaviors, influence choices, and build health literacy. We start with understanding the change behavior, motivational factors, and baseline conditions that have been informed by applied research. From there we work closely with clients to develop a holistic campaign driving social change, with pre-determined evaluation metrics. This includes campaign collateral, media earned/paid for placement, consistent outreach efforts across a spectrum of channels, development of partnership, and collection of success stories to further amplify the intended outcomes.


Customer/Employee Engagement. We listen to our clients and their customers to build a trusted relationship. Understanding perspectives and what the customer values in a service or care experience can help inform process improvements, enhance better care, and drive healthier outcomes. We develop engagement surveys, analyze the data and environment, provide recommendations, and build strategies to assist our clients in better understanding their customers.


Branding. Our branding process begins with completing a Project Creative Brief. This is our springboard into the creative process. This internal communication clarifies direction, outlines the target market, the key message and the desired results. We will evaluate what is and is not working for existing brands and compare with other effective organizations. Once established, we engage the creative process and start conceptualizing ideas. We continue to hone our creative ideation until it is a smart, compelling, and effective design solution for our client.


Change Management. Knowesis’ certified change management experts provide clients with change management plans to effectively guide organizations and teams from current state to a newly defined and desired future state. We provide guidance on how best to prepare for change, implement change, manage resistance to change, communicate change, and mitigate the impacts of change on organizational elements and processes. We coach leaders on their role throughout the transformation, so that confidence, productivity, and regular business operations remain high. We provide best practices to organizations that operate in the environment of sustained change.


Leadership Messaging, Speech Writing. Knowesis writers draft leadership messaging and speeches for busy executives. We work closely with clients to capture the tone, cadence, preferred language, and content to craft a captivating narrative, appropriate for any occasion specified by the client.


Videography and Post Production. Knowesis has a 500 square foot film studio within its Fairfax office location to include an ancillary 350 square foot room that augments our filming capability. The primary film studio has backdrops, recessed lighting, and audio/visual equipment. Other film production amenities such as craft services, make-up, wardrobe, and green room are located at our Fairfax office. As needed, we leverage larger partnership studios--five studio facilities on the East Coast (four in the Virginia/Washington, DC area). 


Media Management. Our media relations plans seek to achieve the goals of the client’s strategic plan, communications plan, and marketing budget. We design media campaigns in keeping with constraints across each and to target the widest research for the audience for the price. Knowesis assembles toolkits - pre-packaged sets of themed program materials to form a unified solution - suited to the marketing need. Toolkits reinforce brand standards and promote message consistency. Knowesis has negotiated broadcast television and radio spots for national and regional audiences. We will work with these providers to establish the media delivery requirements and product proofs.

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