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"Return on Information" the new ROI

Information Architecture + Information Management + Information Technology


Not just a “Return on Investment," organizations need a “Return on Information.” 


Much like managing a financial portfolio; organizations must implement methods and technology to realize this important “ROI.” Organizations also need to judiciously leverage their information assets and empower collaboration while protecting that information from bad actors and from loss. Our goal is to source the data, secure it, and make it ready for use.


Data management encompasses the entire lifecycle of a data asset, from its initiation to its final retirement. It includes activities like data governance and data stewardship, among others. Knowesis supports organizations at any stage of data management, governance, and stewardship maturity.


Our approach to data governance seeks to engage
all stakeholders, functional areas, and communities,
and is called Enterprise Data Governance
Engagement or “EDGE.” Knowesis delivers an
integrated solution to further the progress
toward data-driven decision making.


Each component of EDGE contributes to a
cohesive, effective, and quality driven solution
managed enterprise. Our capability and
capacity building expertise supports all
aspects of information engineering and

Enterprise Data Management

Data management encompasses the entire
lifecycle of a data asset, from the initial
creation/collection of the data to its
Our team is prepared to address all aspects
of data management outlined in the
Knowesis EDGE framework:

  • Data Modeling and Design

  • Data Warehousing 

  • Metadata Management

  • Data Storage

  • Reference and Master Data Management

  • Data Quality

  • Data Security (RMF)

  • Data Integration and Interoperability

  • Business Intelligence

We are prepared to design, implement, and operate a data management program (including Data Governance and Data Stewardship) that will mature and sustain and organization’s capability to organize, secure, store, analyze and share data.
We will typically establish an Integrated Project Team (IPT) to leverage our Data Management Capability Model (DCAM) assessment methodology. DCAM features our 30-60-90 (assess-develop-implement) iterative process and our IPT provides support, guidance, and agreements throughout the program lifecycle.

Data Governance and Data Stewardship

Critical to the delivery of Federal programs is the successful use, management, and governance of data. Understanding the scope, scale, sources, and more,  of our client’s data and determining the appropriate policies, systems, analytics, records, and requirements to implement is likely to bring up a range of questions, for both users and stakeholders, alike.


We begin by gaining a baseline understanding of the Governance program and efforts underway so as not to impede progress. With that knowledge, Knowesis typically then develops a Data Stewardship, Data Quality and Data Maturity action plan to provide a standard methodology for activities such as introducing new standards, change management, knowledge management, and being an effective data steward.

Our Services

Data Consolidation Strategy   |   Data Analytics   |   Business Intelligence   |   Data Collection and Ingestion   
Repository Management   |   Governance Administration   |   Privacy and Security   |   Data Visualization 
Regulatory Compliance

Knowesis has established partnerships to leverage the following products on behalf of our Federal clients. 



Tableau Software is the world’s leading analytics platform. As a Tableau Alliance Partner, Knowesis specializes in Federal implementations. 

Decision Lens

Knowesis is a Decision Lens portfolio and planning software preferred provider. 


NetWrix and Knowesis empower business critical data identification and classification engaging discovery of enterprise content and precision retrievals.

Red Hat_logo-01 copy.jpg


Knowesis partners with Alteryx, creators of software designed to make advanced analytics accessible to any data worker. 

Red Hat

Knowesis and Red Hat provide hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, among other solutions.


With Cloudera, Knowesis delivers an enterprise data cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI.

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