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The Identification, Analysis, Recommendations, and Delivery of Military Health System (MHS) and Joint Staff (JS) Medical Capabilities for Defense Health Agency (DHA) (IAC MAC).


Contract Number: FA8075-18-D-0004

Contract ordering period though September 29, 2021 
Next option period: 09/30/2021 to 09/29/2023

The IAC MAC is a streamlined acquisition option for MHS customers to conduct capability development, analysis and assessments. The goal of this IAC MAC Task Order is to support the Military Health System in current and emerging requirements for dedicated technical research, identification, analyses, recommendations, and delivery of medical capabilities to improve the survivability of the force and provide the highest quality of care for all beneficiaries. The contract vehicle requires a three step process:

3 steps_1-01.png

Knowesis as a subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton
can support the MHS in the following Task Areas:

Task 4: Joint Concept for Health Services (JHCS) and Supporting Implementation and Transition Plan


Task 5: Capabilities-Based Assessments (CBAS) 

5.1. CBAS and R&D CBAS 

5.2. CBA Support Documentation 

5.3. JCIDS Analysis and Assessment Documentation 

5.4. DOTMLPF-P Change Recommendations (DCRS) 

5.5. Analysis of Alternatives 

5.6. Medical and Health Sector Stakeholder Assessment Documentation 

Task 6: Analysis of Stability, Transitional and Reconstructive Operations 

6.1. Survivability Analysis Documentation 

6.2. Risk Assessment Reports 

6.3. Training Event Planning Documentation 

6.4. Coordination and Crisis Response Gap Identification and Mitigation 

6.5. Readiness Reports 

Task 7: Specialized R&D Reports 

7.1. Specialized R&D Reports 

7.2. Infectious Disease Research Assessments 

7.3. Medical Countermeasures 

7.4. Warfighter Survivability and Vulnerability Research, Development, and Technology Enhancement Recommendations

Task 9: Strategic Communications 

Task 11: Analysis of Integrated System of Readiness and Health 

Task 12: Health Service Delivery (HSD) Conops Update and Supporting Implementation and Transition Plan 

12.1 – HSD CONOPS Report

12.2 – HSD Knowledge Base Gap Analysis Documentation

12.3 – HSD JCIDS Analysis and Assessment Documentation

12.4 – HSD Medical Scenario Documentation

Task 13: Operational Medicine (OPMED) Conops Update and Supporting Implementation and Transition Plan 

The work on this vehicle is performed 100% on contractor site and can be funded using O&M or RDT&E funds. All work is unclassified and no Personally Identifiable or Protected Health Information will be used.

Clients should contact Mr. John Broughton or Mr. Steve Flowers at for assistance in completing the intake form for approval. 

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