Why Work for Knowesis

Small Business – Big Exposure

Clients seek companies that are reliable, committed, agile, and innovative. Talent and experience are essential components if companies desire these qualities. Knowesis is committed to making your career meaningful, engaging, and accomplished. Here’s how Knowesis can help your career:

1. More interaction with company leaders.

  • You have increased interaction with clients, project experts, and company leaders, and be known by name. Leaders see your passion, not just hear about it. Participation is expected and does make a difference. Hear, see how decisions are made and have access when you need it.

2. Create the early chance for more.

  • You are given more autonomy and get valuable experience sooner. Challenges will create the opportunities for your success. If you see your career as a journey, join the team that will take on challenging projects.

3. The learning experience.

  • You can be immersed in organizational learning or fulfill your personal learning. Broaden your horizons or become the expert. Be part of the learning lab to share the experience and knowledge. We’ll help you find the right learning fit and mix to transform your learning into experience.


Come help us make decisions even better. We truly love working for our company and we think you will too.

  • Pick your projects - Work on the projects you're interested in and excite you.

  • Stay healthy - Employer co-pays for Medical, Dental, & Vision – prevention options.

  • Business development and performance incentives - You'll have a stake in the future success of Knowesis.

  • Stay connected - We host company sponsored social events and networking opportunities.

  • Share the success - Knowesis shares a portion of the profit with all eligible staff annually.

  • Choose your setup - We enable every employee with the tools to do their best work.

  • Take a breather - When you need a vacation, take one. Work/life balance is important to all of us. Knowesis offers Paid Time Off (PTO) as well as all federal holidays per year (with exception to conditional federally-mandated days off).  If you can't take the time, we'll buy it back.

  • Rest easy - Knowesis provides paid Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  • We’ve got your back – Knowesis offers paid Life Insurance.

  • Prepare for retirement - We provide a 401k plan with company contribution to help set you up.

  • Have a best friend at work - We pay you for referring top notch talent.

  • Travel the world - If you're invited to speak at a conference, we'll cover the trip for you.

  • Options that fit your life - Knowesis offers a range of medical, dental coverage, and flexible spending allowance.

Search and apply for your next job with Knowesis.