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Protecting and Enhancing Human Health

Biomedical Research + Public Health Research +
Mental and Behavioral Health Research
 + Health Research Portfolio Management

Whether it is military medical research to sustain and enhance warfighter health or supporting the Federal Government’s response to the SARs-CoV-2 pandemic, our team of health science professionals serve the nation’s highest medical research needs by enabling, advising, managing, and supporting preeminent scientific and public health programs. 

Biomedical Research Portfolio Management

Federal scientific and medical research programs have unique requirements. Our science and technical professionals work with our financial and program managers to prioritize, plan, resource, and evaluate research programs to maximize return on investment to:

  • Manage biomedical research awards programs ensuring technical merit and programmatic relevance

  • Develop complex investment strategies for biomedical research that deliver results

  • Facilitate the collaboration between industry, academic, and government partners

  • Improve the efficiency of operations through standardized policies and procedures

  • Oversee research budgets to be fiscally compliant; and

  • Manage biomedical research awards for technical merit, programmatic relevance, and deliverables.

Biomedical Research and Regulatory Support

Our biomedical research teams, backed up by regulatory specialists, support all phases of research. We work with our clients to facilitate approvals for your research projects and ensure compliance with animal and human subjects protections as well as FDA regulations. Our regulatory affairs experts are fluent with the Federal regulatory assurances and approvals required for both clinical and pre-clinical research.


Our experts can help navigate through all FDA requirements. We specialize in Data Sharing Agreements, interdepartmental Memorandums of Agreement and all aspects of information management. Resources such as HIPAA compliance, scientific misconduct investigations, scientific publication policies, guidance, CITI training instructions, and travel and study participant information are available, to stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements as studies progress.

Mental and Behavioral Health Strategies

Knowesis takes a multidisciplinary approach to develop implement and evaluate preventative, restorative, and resiliency techniques, tools, and therapeutics to enhance resiliency and recovery. Our teams are comprised of researchers, statisticians, epidemiologists, technologists, medical writers, trainers and health promotions experts, to provide life-long mental and behavioral health strategies.

Public Health Programs

Our team of specialized scientists support public health through studies on occupational and environmental health and disease prevention practices. We assist our clients to anticipate, recognize and evaluate threats to human health and develop appropriate control and mitigation strategies.

Our support services include:

  • Clinical Public Health and Epidemiology

  • Environmental Health Sciences and Engineering

  • Health Promotion and Wellness

  • Laboratory Sciences

Our experts develop and disseminate standardized, evidence-based health promotion and wellness programs and tools and develop metrics to measure program impact and effectiveness.

  • Occupational Health Sciences

  • Public Health Communications

  • Toxicology

Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science

Implementation Science (IS) seeks to “continue the job” of biomedical research, taking evidence-based clinical innovations and testing strategies to move them into wider practice. IS works within the foundations of Knowledge Management and Dissemination Science, but a key differentiator is that IS is prospective and active vs. passive in nature. Implementation scientists actively seek to intervene to change the context in which clinical innovations are used to enhance their uptake, designing the implementation and all the supporting structures that will directly enhance the desired operational outcome. This requires understanding of the operational barriers to the desired outcome and designing the implementation to remove or reduce them.

Medical Simulation Technologies   |   Infectious Diseases   |   Resiliency Strategies   |   Combat Casualty Care   
Medical Countermeasures   |   
Human Performance Optimization and Rehabilitative Medicine   |

Chemical Biological and Radiological and Unconventional Weapons Readiness / Effects   |
Public Health Prevention and Response Strategies

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