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Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration

Our Work

Knowesis professionals prepared and led the one-year phased national roll-out implementing the VHA WHTT program as a voluntary course offering in both virtual and in-person formats, to 38 military bases world-wide across all military services.


The project included strategic marketing and communications planning and implementation, training and curriculum development, travel/training logistics, coordination, and program evaluation.


Our Results

Knowesis developed and implemented a national marketing and communications strategy which resulted in an 88% increased VHA health care program enrollment for WHTT participants over non WHTT attendees.


Our marketing experts created a compelling, consistent, and recognizable media toolkit of images and messaging, and promoted awareness of the WHTT program on the VHA Center for Women Veterans website and through several media outlets, producing over 12 blogs; more than 17 articles; numerous Facebook posts, tweets, podcasts, and radio interviews; a video; and Facebook Live events.


Our marketing and communications products were recognized by the Public Relations Society of America for both Media Relations and Brand Management for Federal programs.


Our approach was quickly changed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, from an in-person delivery focus to virtual delivery, netting a smooth and streamlined implementation of the training program, and reaching 872 participants world-wide.

Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration

  • Women are a growing cohort in the military and yet far fewer women Veterans enroll in Veteran Affairs (VA) medical programs, than do men. The Office of Women’s Services sought to dispel perceptions that gender-specific care is not available through the VA’s Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and that the VHA is not an open and inviting place for women Veterans by establishing an outreach and education program. The Women’s Health Transition Training (WHTT) program is sponsored by the VHA, and in collaboration with the Department of Defense, was established to educate transitioning active duty Servicewomen on women-centric services, resources, and opportunities available at the VHA.

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