U.S. Agency for International Development

Our Work

Knowesis provides program management, analysis, strategic communication, implementation, and administrative support of USAID LEPP. Our support includes analysis of requested project needs by Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs), USAID Missions, other U.S. Government Agencies and local non-governmental organizations (NGO)s. Knowesis subject matter experts (SME)s ascertain the availability of excess property; facilitate the transfer of available U.S. Government excess property to program partners in accordance with established procedures and applicable regulations; develop strategic communication designed to focus on target audiences with awareness-raising outreach and messaging; and support local capacity development and overall U.S. Government development goals.


Through its analysis and programmatic expertise, Knowesis SMEs supported the effort to ensure that many hospitals, clinics, group homes, infant feeding centers, colleges, vocational facilities, and schools in underserved communities received equipment through LEPP program partnerships. Equipment included generators, medical supplies and equipment, surgical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), ophthalmic equipment, and more. Knowesis’ strategic communication efforts helped demonstrate LEPP’s impact on its beneficiaries in vulnerable communities around the world and significantly raised the visibility of the LEPP program and partnerships to both internal and external stakeholders.


Our Results