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U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research, Research Technician

Our Work

Knowesis professionals receive work guidance from the USAISR office to meet program requirements consisting of the study and care methods for acute lung injury and hemorrhagic shock. Knowesis research technicians also assist with surgical procedures and interventions; prepare After Action Reports (AARs) on surgical procedures and document any issues due to administering anesthesia; provide general laboratory maintenance and assistance; report issues with collecting biological specimens; document signs of abnormal conditions; and report animal handling violations. Knowesis also provides basic laboratory support including maintaining and accounting for equipment, ordering supplies, and providing technical assistance to Principal Investigators


Our Results 

Knowesis is an integral component of executing surgical and laboratory proficiency for the USAISR. The results demonstrate Knowesis’ skill in the completion of research goals and thereby increasing the efficiency of lab protocols and procedures. Deliverables successfully prepared as part of this engagement include clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs), research and statistical analysis, workflow optimization, data surveillance, and effective knowledge management procedures. Knowesis is committed to USAISR’s mission to provide combat casualty care medical solutions for wounded warriors.  

U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research, Research Technician

  • The U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research (USAISR) is dedicated to both laboratory and clinical trauma research. Its mission is to provide requirements-driven combat casualty care medical solutions and products for injured soldiers from self-aid through definitive care across the full spectrum of military operations. To build data-driven best practices and refine approaches and protocols in this field, USAISR conducts live animal research in compliance with the 1966 Laboratory Animal Welfare Act and the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 and requires ongoing Research Technician and Research Scientist support activity to satisfy mission requirements.

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