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U.S. Air Force Personnel Center

Our Work

Knowesis database management subject matter experts (SMEs) support the AFPC organization Information Management Office (IMO) by assessing the state of its Microsoft Access databases. Following development and implementation of a database migration plan, our SMEs perform web-based application management and ongoing database management and server support.


  • Assessment of the current state of Microsoft Access databases within the AFPC organization
  • Development and implementation of a database migration plan
  • Web-based application management
  • Database administration and server support



Our Results 

Knowesis SMEs provide Microsoft Access database administration of over 50 databases across AFPC. These databases are mission critical for each of the Business Process Owners (BPOs) and we help to identify them, meet with the BPOs to discover what level of support is required for their database solutions. We are creating a catalog of all databases for the IT Directorate (DP0) in AFPC. We are also providing documentation at different levels based on our support actions for each database.


  • Database Migration Plan
  • Database Software Design Document
  • Database Maintenance Plan


Additionally, we provide business analysis, technical writing, and research support to help develop IT Plans and Programs for DP0.

U.S. Air Force Personnel Center

  • AFPC ensures commanders around the world are provided with skilled Airmen to conduct Air Force and joint missions. AFPC executes programs covering the entire life cycle of military and civilian personnel for the Air Force, from accession through retirement, including readiness, growth, development and deployment. AFPC's diverse workforce, with five subordinate units, has approximately 2,500 Air Force military, civilian and contractor personnel responsible for worldwide personnel operations for nearly two million total force Airmen, retirees, and family members.

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