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DoDIG Data Subscription and Engineering Support

Our Work

Knowesis provides the DoDIG Data Analytics client with advanced data science/applied statistics, software engineering support, data visualization support, and knowledge transfer support to supplement the OIG’s evolving data analytics program. Our subject matter experts (SMEs):


  • Prepare Advanced Data Science/Applied Statistics in machine learning models, cluster analysis, and social network analysis
  • Provide Software Engineering support to ensure successful processing of advanced analytical jobs
  • Deliver Data Visualization Support such as data transformation/cleansing, engineering, analysis, automation, and software safeguard
  • Provide SMEs in applying data analytics to the following areas: DOD healthcare, human capital management, finance and budgeting, and contract data
  • Supply software expertise in Cloudera Data Platform suite, Tableau, DataWalk, SparklyR, PySpark,R, and SQ
  • Develop and lead knowledge transfer sessions
  • Prepare detailed documentation


Our Results 

Knowesis data scientists recommended solutions designed to mitigate internal control problems; reduce or eliminate waste and inefficiencies; and provide investigatory information that can lead to arrests and/or referrals for prosecution of those who engage in criminal activity. Leveraging the Cloudera big data platform, our data scientists and engineers support a variety of DoDIG components in advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Using these advanced data science techniques, we have enabled auditors and criminal investigators to uncover fraudulent activity in new and formerly illusive ways. Our work is informed by some of the newest concepts in law enforcement and investigative agencies using big data to establish social relationships between bad actors. Several new leads, investigations, and audits have been initiated by these network analysis techniques. Our award-winning work in data visualization and regression modeling has enabled the DoDIG to better predict numerous workforce metrics, such as end-strength and attrition.

DoDIG Data Subscription and Engineering Support

  • Department of Defense Inspector General Data Subscription & Data Engineering Support (DSADES)

    The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of the Inspector General (DoDIG) serves as an independent and objective official responsible for conducting, supervising, monitoring, and initiating audits, investigations, and inspections relating to DoD programs and operations. In support of their mission, Knowesis provides data subscription and engineering support (DSADES).

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