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DoDIG Data Analytics Program

Our Work

The OIG engaged Knowesis to support its efforts to plan, design, test, execute, enhance, manage, and maintain programming solutions, models, and related services that leverage insight (descriptive/predictive) to support fraud, waste, and abuse detection.


We provide business intelligence and visualization services that incorporate current industry best practices, subject matter expertise, and professional partnerships with Tableau and Cloudera, to deliver robust, engaging visualizations for OIG clients. Our experts collaborate with functional areas to develop and maintain performance metrics, measurements, methods, and targets. We support both routine and special projects by communicating with multiple teams to ensure requirements are clear and understood from both a functional and technical perspective.


In addition, Knowesis provides data science and advanced analytics services that include data engineering, statistics, programming, social engineering, machine learning, and natural language processing, among other techniques, and uses computational and decision science software platforms to assist the OIG client achieve their mission.


Our Results

Using computer-based analytical techniques that rely upon current software technology, our data scientists recommend solutions designed to mitigate internal control problems; reduce or eliminate waste and inefficiencies; and provide investigatory information that can lead to arrests and/or referrals for prosecution, those who engage in criminal activity. Our work is informed by some of the newest concepts with law enforcement and investigative agencies using big data to establish social relationships between bad actors.

DoDIG Data Analytics Program

  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) mission is to deter and investigate fraud, waste and abuse in the DoD and serves as the proponent for the Defense Inspector General system, for all IGs assigned to DoD components. 

    The goal of the Data Analytics Program (DAP) is to increase the OIG’s ability to identify and focus oversight resources on high-risk areas (i.e., health and safety concerns, fraud, waste, and abuse of DoD resources). 

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