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Defense Health Board

Our Work

Our staff provides research, publication, logistical and administrative support to the DHB. Our work enables the board’s mission to provide independent advice and recommendations for health policies and programs to DoD warfighters and their beneficiaries. Knowesis consultants are specialized in areas of public health and have experience working with the military health system. To ensure policy and procedural recommendations resulting from DHB consideration are factual, accurate, and data-driven, assistance is required to research, analyze, and facilitate communication of sourced findings to DHB members. Our staff provide topic research, recommendations by recognized experts within the department, other Federal agencies, industry, and academia. Work products include summarizing, synthesizing, and translating scientific research into reports; planning and executing high level executive meetings; compiling membership appointment requirements; updating the DHB website and databases; and maintaining DHB records in accordance with Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) requirements.


Our Results

Knowesis successfully developed five evidence-based, complex, peer-reviewed publication level reports covering a wide variety of issues relevant to military healthcare. Our first and most complex topic, “Low-Volume High-Risk Surgical Procedures and Its Relationship to Patient Safety and Quality of Care” was not only the most complex, it was finalized and approved by the Board in October 2018, with Board members acknowledging the unprecedented, expedited six-month timeline for such a complex topic.


We have subsequently produced an additional four major reports, “Healthy Military Family Systems: Examining Child Abuse and Neglect,” “DoD MMR Booster Immunization Practices Review,” “Examination of Mental Health Accession Screening: Predictive Value of Current Measures and Report Processes,” and “Active Duty Women’s Health Care Services.”

Defense Health Board

  • The Defense Health Board (DHB) is a Federal Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Defense that provides independent recommendations on matters pertaining to DoD healthcare policy and program management; health research programs; requirements for the treatment and prevention of disease and injury; promotion of health and wellness within the DoD and the effective and efficient delivery of high-quality health care services to DoD beneficiaries; and other health-related matters of special interest to the DoD. 

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