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Defense Health Agency,  Research and Development Directorate

Our Work

DHA contracted with Knowesis to provide scientific, technical, managerial, and administrative tools, techniques, analyses, and methods for administration of DHP medical S&T portfolio.


Our Results

Knowesis staff provide thought leadership and expertise to support the J-9 DHP S&T mission in the areas of portfolio management, task management, scientific, analytical, strategic communication, and return on investment services.


Drawing on the skillset of our subject matter experts (SME)s and leveraging the portfolio of our corporate capabilities and partnerships, Knowesis specifically provides knowledge and expertise in the DoD Acquisition Management system (i.e., planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE)), DoD acquisition, and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) processes and tools to build a foundation for J 9’s S&T portfolio management. This includes developing structured processes for building the program objective memorandum (POM), and assessing and evaluating stakeholder submissions for alignment to requirements, visibility, and transparency of underlying biomedical projects to ensure they are not duplicative to other DoD research initiatives, their budget and funding needs are appropriate, and they have a plan to transition mature scientific research into knowledge or materiel products to enhance or update clinical practice or leads to fielding products.


Our SMEs are key members of working groups and integrated product teams that influence and shape the future of the MHS research enterprise. Our analysts deliver the rigorous evaluations that shape the portfolio and ensure that appropriated funds are appropriately and effectively utilized. Processes designed, initiated, refined, and implemented by Knowesis experts are utilized through all phases of the DoD PPBE cycle, enabling J-9 to continuously push the S&T portfolio toward improved and ultimately, optimized performance.

Defense Health Agency, Research and Development Directorate

  • The Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) Research and Development Directorate (J-9) leads the discovery, development, and delivery of enhanced pathways to military health and readiness. DHA J-9 bridges the future of military health and readiness by shepherding innovative materiel and knowledge products within the Defense Health Program (DHP) Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation appropriation through the high risk, early stages of Science and Technology (S&T) to Advanced Development. DHA required a partner with Military Health System (MHS) biomedical research management capabilities to support their mission to administer a >$2.0B research portfolio.

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