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Defense Health Agency, Component Acquisition Executive Directorate

Our Work

Knowesis subject matter experts (SME)s provide analytical support to the program office for PDMSS and the DHA J-9 for prioritization of efforts for their biomedical research program and products. We operationalize these decisions through implementation and technical support for Decision Lens™ software, a business intelligence and planning solution in DHA CAE’s program objective memorandum (POM) prioritization process to help establish a more streamlined, effective, and transparent plan for funding programs. Knowesis staff engage stakeholders across the Services to develop criteria and associated weights of each to assess submitted products for funding in the POM. 


Our Results 

Knowesis creates a streamlined, step-by-step process to efficiently integrate operational requirements into a single list, accurately illustrating budget limitation impacts on programs and projects. The result is optimized funding, best overall value selection, and maximized effectiveness and increased utilization of the appropriation.  

Defense Health Agency, Component Acquisition Executive Directorate

  • The Defense Health Agency (DHA) Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) directorate has oversight and approval responsibility of all acquisition matters for the DHA, including those performed under purview of the Agency's Program Executive Officers and those undertaken within the Agency's directorates and offices, except for acquisition matters explicitly reserved for oversight and approval by the Under Secretary of Defense. The CAE office of Pharmaceuticals, Devices, and Medical Support Systems (PDMSS) oversees the Advanced Development portion of the Defense Health Program (DHP) Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriation and works with the Service Program Managers to bring biomedical products to fruition. Similarly, the DHA Research and Development Directorate (J-9) oversees the S&T portion of the DHP to fund biomedical research efforts to meet the needs of Servicemembers. Both the CAE PDMSS program office and the DHA J-9 require a systematic methodology and implementation support to prioritize their products and projects for funding approval with an eye on optimization of the limited funding available.

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