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Army Medical Command, Army Public Health Center

Our Work

Knowesis identifies and assesses legacy, current, and emerging environmental public health threats, develops and communicates solutions, and assures the quality and effectiveness of the APHC program. Knowesis fosters the prevention of workplace exposure related injury, disease, and death by providing a wide range of occupational health and injury prevention services in support of Soldiers. We support the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of exposure to chemical, physical, and biological stressors. Our Knowesis analysts provide expertise in the military, psychology, program evaluation, social work, epidemiology, health education and communication, medicine, and sociology. Knowesis provides data about the toxicity of military-unique and military-relevant compounds, and the risks they pose to Soldiers, civilians, and the environment. This is accomplished through identifying chemical hazards and recommending preventive procedures for avoiding or minimizing exposures. Knowesis also works to promote and support APHC’s technical and business directorates in the delivery of health surveillance, epidemiology, prevention and awareness, health promotion, and laboratory research missions as well as closely monitor and provide visibility of performance execution. Knowesis staff also provide graphical support and videography for various functions and topics of importance to the Army. Knowesis staff create design and audiovisual products, perform marketing and outreach pertaining to important events and announcements, and create pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations, booklets, and infographics for specific topics for which the Army wants to bring increased awareness.


The contract has approximately 90 positions predominantly at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and San Antonio, TX. Our epidemiologists have designed and authored multiple studies relative to health (i.e., hearing, air quality and infectious diseases) to behaviors and perception effects on health (e.g., COVID-19 vaccine, persistence of therapeutics). The studies included data collection and review, retrospective data analysis, mixed methods, and comparative analysis.


Our Results

Knowesis provides technical guidance and support for the implementation and sustainment of the APHC and its key objectives. Our epidemiologists provide study design and analysis for peer-reviewed manuscripts on Servicemembers’ health conditions, and possible associations between exposures and health outcomes. We provide further guidance and review for scientific rigor on health outcome investigations, including research study designs, project proposal plan development, methodology, and reporting. Some examples of recent peer-reviewed manuscripts include analysis of cancer clusters among previously deployed service members in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Another is that our epidemiologists investigated and presented a report on shooting range blood lead levels among Special Operation Forces who underwent weapons training between 2005 and 2018 at the Kennedy Shoot-House Weapons School, which enabled leadership to make immediate corrective and preventative action and stop-gap guidance on related shoot-house activities going forward. This manuscript was published in the Journal of Military Medicine.


Knowesis experts support the APHC program to provide an effective delivery platform for enhancing the health and wellness of Soldiers, family members, Department of the Army civilians, and retirees. Additionally, Knowesis is tasked with creating and updating key instruction, training, and guidelines to allow Soldiers, Officers, and Army leadership to understand and effectively identify environmental hazards, perform wellness assessments, and modify approaches based on current findings and recommendations as the understanding of service-related injury continues to evolve.


Additionally, Knowesis professionals provide standardized training to APHC’s Army Wellness Centers (AWCs) staff to ensure the workforce is highly trained and proficient in health coaching, physical fitness improvement, behavior modification, and health education delivery to participants. Additional support provided by Knowesis includes audiovisual support, documentation and recording of key meetings, training, and the creation of multimedia montages, documentary-style products, and public service announcements (PSAs).

Army Medical Command, Army Public Health Center

  • The Army Public Health Center (APHC) enhances Army readiness by identifying and assessing current and emerging health threats, developing, and communicating public health solutions, and assuring the quality and effectiveness of the Army's Public Health Enterprise. APHC sought a vendor partner to assist with the identification, assessment, and management of legacy, current, and emerging environmental public health threats, the development and prevention of workplace exposure-related injury, disease, and death through the research and development of occupational health and injury prevention protocols, practices, and materiel.

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