U.S. Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate

Our Work

AFSAC’s evolving data management and analytics environment serves as a data convergence point for internal and satellite organizations sending daily and historical data feeds. An intensive effort is required to transform vast amounts of data elements into actionable dashboards and data visualizations to satisfy the information demands of a diverse set of stakeholders.


Knowesis Data Science experts provide AFSAC with technical expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) tools and programming languages (such as Python or R) to support data analytics, data visualizations, and predictive analytics. Critically important for AFSAC, Knowesis’ BI tool expertise is focused on Tableau, Alteryx, and other BI tools.


Our Results

Knowesis delivered modern data visualizations and dashboard products along with instructional videos to enhance tracking and monitoring of AFSAC’s FMS. Our consultants supported the full life cycle process including capturing and tracking requirements, analyzing, aggregating, and prepping the data, creating data visualization and dashboards, and finally, verifying satisfaction of stakeholder needs.


Knowesis provides support for the generation and sustainment of existing and newly created data visualization dashboards, including: capturing and tracking requirements based on the problem set and needs of the AFSAC functional groups and senior management; collaborating with the AFSAC stakeholders in data gathering and consolidation; preparing the data to create repeatable and automated processes; creating visualizations and verifying they meet the documented needs; and providing recommendations related to data analytics and visualizations.

U.S. Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate