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U.S. Air Force Medical Readiness Agency, SG9

Our Work 

Knowesis conducts analytical studies to assist senior leaders with strategic and operational decision making in ensuring a “ready medical force” and a “medically ready force.” This includes: 

  • Conducting studies, identifying risk, and performing analysis; 

  • Forecasting, benchmarking, and identifying opportunities for improvement; 

  • Planning and program support; and

  • Advising and recommending corrective actions for clinical currency, clinical productivity, deployment readiness to include Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, and Comprehensive Medical Readiness Program analysis, health systems design and delivery, and ad hoc projects.  

Our subject matter experts (SME)s bring problem-solving skills to project teams and provide consultation on complex projects. The team uses their extensive technical expertise to support data collection and processing, data aggregation and modeling, forecast modeling, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis and data presentation and/or visualization in the form of dashboards, and reports. 


We use  industry best practices, change management principles, organizational development activities, and data modeling methods to affect positive, system-wide improvement. 


Our Results 

Knowesis continues to support AFMRA analytic services to improve the health and wellness of the beneficiary population, ensure the medical readiness of Servicemembers, and sustain a medically ready force to provide trusted care anytime, anywhere. Additionally, our data scientists provide the insights needed to ensure Air Force medical staff are trained and warfighters are medically ready to defend the nation. 

U.S. Air Force Medical Readiness Agency, SG9

  • Knowesis supports the Air Force Surgeons General at all levels with data-driven research and analytical products to further advance Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Health Agency (DHA) and Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) priorities, programs, and initiatives. AFMRA is helping to meet the Military Health System (MHS) strategic goals of improved readiness, better health, better care, and lower costs.

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