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What does “Interesting Work with Interesting People” mean?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This Knowesis mantra is about both sides of a partnership. Like-minded folks are drawn to each other, and it has been our experience that both the Knowesis team and our clients are personable – sharing a common interest in the work we do together. The Knowesis team is continuously on the look-out for ways to fine-tune work quality and to infuse ever increasing value in our dedication to the mission. And then beyond that, we are people. Just like our clients, we are individuals who have interests outside of work.

Knowing that happier, more effective, and well-rounded human beings make for more engaged, committed, and inspired colleagues, we take “interesting” very seriously.

Here are a couple examples: Knowesis Senior Scientist, Dr. Smita Savant-Bhonsale, supports the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to strategically manage Medical Research and Development Portfolio in developing and delivering healthcare solutions across the continuum of care for our Wounded Warriors and their families. She is a member of DHA Research and Development (R&D) Directorate, also known as J9, coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) response team as a subject matter expert supporting development of roadmaps and strategies for COVID-19 portfolio and implementation of Science & Technology management processes.

She is currently tracking projects to develop and deliver therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics and enabling technologies to fight COVID-19. Quite possibly some of the most important work currently ongoing in the global medical research field, Smita is at the cusp of this significant work.

And Dr. Josè Rodriguez-Vazquez on our Knowesis Military Health System (MHS) team brings over 35 years of operational, staff and headquarters experience in support of the MHS along with 30 years as an Air Force Physician, reaching the aeromedical rating of Chief Flight Surgeon, and with specialties in Family, Occupational, and Aerospace Medicine. Josè is a charter member for the Air Force International Health Specialist Program, and was appointed by the Secretary of the Air Force to serve as the medical member on the USAF Formal Physical Evaluation Board.

Prior to joining Knowesis, Josè served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Force Health Protection and Readiness - Director, Medical Readiness and Human Performance Optimization. Josè oversaw DoD's Individual Medical Readiness program and provided primary oversight for DoD's key deployment health policy and implementation guidance. And if that isn’t interesting enough, Josè is also affiliated with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. Namastè!

Interesting Work with Interesting People, indeed!Let us know about your interesting pursuits, whether you are a customer, partner, job seeker, or Knowesis colleague, and we might just feature you in an upcoming post. Contact

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