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Knowledge Management

Capture + Store + Manage + Search

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing organizational knowledge and information to improve enterprise effectiveness by preserving, sharing and learning from this information.

A necessary KM principle includes an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) approach for the continuous collection and integration of content items involving the creation, approval, and distribution of critical artifacts. 

The Challenge

Organizations rely on artifacts from multiple sources in various locations. Many artifacts are in legacy formats created by obsolete applications. These obstacles complicate data archival and retrieval operations as well as become a burden to the essential contributors for ECM. In addition, an organization risks irretrievable loss of corporate knowledge most commonly through attrition of personnel or not knowing the information exists and where it is located. A robust ECM approach will mitigate this risk.


The Solution

Knowesis’ ECM approach focuses on industry best practice processes and vigorous, user-friendly technology. Practical benefits in capturing, storing, managing, and searching enterprise information is the primary objective. By providing straightforward access to relevant content, best practices, policies and procedures, users become increasingly capable of responding to customers and key stakeholders promptly and accurately. Knowesis’ ECM solution integrates people, process, and technology with deep-rooted applications that provide optimal performance to: Capture, Store, Manage, and Search.


Image Processing

Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)


Document Management



Artifact Classification



Context Searches

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

The Result

The integrated experience of our KM specialists established an ECM framework for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD-HA) Toxic Exposure Program Management Support Office. Knowesis implemented intelligent metadata solutions to enable the integration of historical databases, files, and other artifacts greatly optimizing search mechanisms through the use and implementation of subject matter taxonomies for toxic exposures. The enhanced capability serves as a reference library for Congressional inquiries and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

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