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Reliable Advisors to the Nation’s Brain Trust.

Research and Publication + Records Management + Meeting Logistics + 
Board / Subcommittee Management

From the very beginnings of American governance, the U.S. Executive Branch
has relied upon the advice of able Americans from many fields in making the vital decisions of our republic. This practice was formalized in the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) in the 1970s.
Today, an average of 1,000 advisory committees are engaged with more than 60,000 members.

Knowesis has supported the efforts of many of our Nation’s federal advisory committees (FAC)s, ensuring their missions and resolutions are tracked, administered, and activated. 

The Objective

Supporting FACs means assisting the committee members in meeting their mission to provide independent advice and recommendations to the stakeholders they represent. The success of this objective is measured by the efficiency the committee achieves through its reports and recommendations. Knowesis provides services such as conducting research, studies, and analysis; knowledge and information management; records and program management; board and subcommittee management; and logistical support. These tasks entail researching and writing reports and for presentation and publication; planning and facilitating meetings; working membership appointment requirements; crafting strategic communications and public affairs support; updating websites and databases; and maintaining FAC records.

The Results


Knowesis FAC support teams include the Defense Health Board (DHB). Knowesis consultants prepared for, and facilitated 101 subcommittee and 11 DHB quarterly meetings, either in-person or virtual, via video teleconference platform. Tasks included scheduling, planning, coordination, support, and execution of DHB and subcommittee meetings, as well as all efforts required before, during, and after these events. Activities included scheduling meeting dates and times and arranging for conference and meeting venues. Knowesis provided all necessary administrative support, to include development of agendas, Federal Register Notices, preparatory notes; identifying and coordinating speakers and speaker presentations and room preparation; sending invitations to members, guests, distinguished visitors, as well as members of the public, as indicated for open meetings; managing attendance responses, and regularly providing DHB staff with attendance lists.

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