Knowesis seeks challenges in analytics, science and technology, program operations and evaluation, communications and advisory services. Our combined capabilities can provide a complete solution for our federal clients.

We believe that great things happen when meaningful and challenging work is undertaken by trusted, like-minded people, who are working towards a common goal.

1. We seek work that will grow and engage staff.

2. We are prepared to see opportunities.

3. We seek to hire, partner and do business with competent like-minded people.



Creativity and success go hand in hand. Throughout history, successful people have achieved outstanding results by looking at their world, their jobs, and their lives creatively.  Our associates take this perspective when approaching and devising methods and solutions for our clients.  This is not to say historical and tried methods are not valuable, indeed, they establish the baseline from which our efforts begin.  However, in our environment, we must constantly be looking to adapt, in order to reinvigorate or choose another tactical path.

We offer robust solutions in the following areas:

  • Federal Healthcare Operations

  • Communication and Engagement

  • Human and Financial Management

  • Enterprise Reporting and Performance Measurement

  • Program Evaluation and Assessments

  • Staff Extension and Subject Matter Experts

  • Data Science and Applied Statistics

  • Knowledge/Content Management

Big challenges call for a focused, trusted partner.

Government leaders have to make tough choices supported by well-founded justifications.

With experience, qualifications, and certifications as experts in providing actionable information and managing sensitive data, Federal agencies turn to us.


Knowesis can leverage its government experience and relationships to bring together public and private entities for the mutual benefit of all parties.
Our experience includes facilitating:

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

  • Industry collaboration with academic partners to leverage public big data

If you are an academic or industry member, and would like to know more about how Knowesis can get you connected with government data, please contact


Knowesis supports dozens of federal government clients utilizing a range of contract vehicles, which supports our clients in streamlining the purchase of services while mitigating administrative and acquisition costs through the process of vendor pre-qualification.


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