Analytics & Information Management

Data Analysis - Our technique integrates data from different sources into one highly interactive display so that users can quickly and effectively see the 'big picture' hidden in reams of data and volumes of reports.


Planning & Operations

Strategic Planning - Using client mission and vision statements, as well as their own data, we work with leadership to chart a pathway forward.We facilitate decisions to establish strategic goals and objectives...


Communication & Knowledge Management

Communication & Knowledge Management -We work with clients to ensure information is shared across the enterprise.  We build information capture and sharing strategies using multiple platforms that best fit our client's need...


About Us

Knowesis is taken from the Greek word “noesis,” which means the psychological result of perception, reasoning, and learning. Founded in 2007, Knowesis Inc. has been providing data driven decisions and solutions to federal healthcare clients from day one. Our success has continued as our capabilities and experience have expanded to include analytics and information management, planning and operations, and communication and engagement strategies.

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