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U.S. Air Force Medical Services (AFMS) Agency

Our Work

Knowesis established an enterprise data science platform for the AFMS and broader Defense Health Agency (DHA) that our team also administers. The platform dubbed “MACHINE” comprises the overall data science platform including hardware, software, and network, and was built upon a previous Knowesis framework establishing an analytic data mart (CAMP), a Business Intelligence / Visualization capability (SAS/Tableau Software), and a suite of data science tools (R-Studio). Knowesis extended the platform, open-source data science tools for modeling, machine learning, and statistical analysis supporting 40+ analysts. Utilizing this infrastructure, Knowesis subject matter experts (SMEs) developed interactive visualizations with predictive analytics to drive clinical currency optimization, healthcare demand, impacts to personnel readiness, such as when members may fail to meet deployable standards using current and historical limiting factors including health (physical and mental), financial, family member issues, and career-related indicators.


Our Results 

Knowesis SMEs supported several specific AFMS deliverables including a slate of critical datasets presented in effective, User Experience (UX)-centric dashboards. The deliverables related to reporting were met 9 months prior to the contract's period of performance ended; however, two noteworthy events altered how Knowesis SMEs overcame obstacles and addressed those deliverables.


Loss of Data Access and Storage Shortly after the base year began, AFMS lost the ability to land and securely maintain large datasets at the host facility to prepare for migration to the Medical Communities of Interest. This meant the contract could no longer access the datasets that had been extracted and prepared for use in several key products. Knowesis SMEs used outside-the-box thinking to establish workarounds and iterate through readily available data for cleansing, aggregation, and presentation. This innovative approach led to the ability to automate the process by building scheduled workflows using native Windows scheduling allowing memory intensive processing during non-working hours. The team was able to better focus their keyboard time on the analysis and visualizations of the outcomes. These innovations allowed us to maintain delivery of existing products and build smart, new datasets utilizing the new processes.


Mission Realignment

The second event occurred when the DHA assumed leadership of all MTFs. The north AFMS Analytics offices were merged into the newly formed AF Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA) which changed the mission to readiness-related rather than business-related.


Our client was aligned with the newly formed AFMRA and to alleviate concern that duplicate work with DHA efforts would result, our deliverables were restrategized to support the Ready Medical Force (RMF) and Medically Ready Force (MRF) missions.


Deliverables Included:


  • Market & Demand Data
  • Currency & Readiness Information
  • Human Capital and Staffing Models
  • Productivity Results
  • Consultative Services

U.S. Air Force Medical Services (AFMS) Agency

  • The U.S. Air Force Medical Support (AFMS) agency sought support to develop knowledge and insight based on the aggregated Medical Enterprise Resource Information Tool (MERIT) and Comprehensive Analytics Modeling Program (CAMP) data sets. The Modeling Analysis Combination Health Information Engine (MACHINE) supports the DoD Planning Programming and Budget Execution (PPBE) process, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) Process Improvement, and data requirements to support the Military Health System (MHS) transition to a Highly Reliable Organization (HRO).

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