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U.S. Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) CHROME

Our Work

Knowesis was engaged to design, derive and document all metrics to support the Trusted Care endeavor and the Contracting for High Reliability Organization Medical Enterprise (CHROME). Our SMEs calculated a series of metric methodologies and developed innovative measures to include outcome, process, and efficiency.


Knowesis data scientists and project managers conducted studies, analysis, planning, and program support, advising and implementing necessary corrective actions. The areas of expertise engaged included resource management, health plan management, group practice management, and health system design and delivery. The team brought process knowledge and problem-solving skills to the AFMS CHROME initiative and contributed to:


  • Data Analytics, Statical Analysis, and Database Development
  • Clinical and Business Process Re-engineering and Management
  • Resource, Health Plan, and Group Practice Management


Our Results 

Knowesis staff first engaged stakeholders to inform decision‐making and program development within the AFMS. With this critical knowledge and additional research, Knowesis designed and produced reports to support population health initiatives, including quality, safety, cost and utilization metrics, and identified variation and trends. Knowesis SMEs performed predictive modeling and statistical support to develop models for optimization of medical and clinical operations. Once an approved set of processes and deliverables was determined, Knowesis supported those projects and optimization activities with data mining, analysis, recommendations, implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement.


Knowesis staff performed predictive modeling and evaluated 40 medical product lines (outpatient and inpatient) and recommended key focus areas based on potential for market recapture.  Our team also developed a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to support the latest focus of Commanders across the enterprise. Patient safety measures had been recently updated, providing leaders with the tools to monitor, assess, and evaluate performance on a regular basis and the dashboard now placed this information at their fingertips.


Using AFMS databases, tools, and stakeholder utilization input, the Knowesis team evaluated the effectiveness, quality and safety of the AFMS “Trusted Care” health care delivery, and monitored and measured national health standards and benchmarks, recommending comprehensive and actionable solutions for continuous improvement.

U.S. Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) CHROME

  • The Air Force Medical Services (AFMS) supports the U.S. Air Force and Space Force through the provision of full spectrum medical readiness to the more than 200,000 Airmen and Guardians currently engaged in operations around the world, while also delivering health care to 2.6 million patients. The AFMS provides reliable access to safe, quality care by promoting positive patient experiences and outcomes. To achieve this goal, AFMS notes that they are committed to providing “Trusted Care, Anywhere” around the globe.

    The AFMS set “Trusted Care” as its vision for improving the organization with a focus on safety and zero harm.  By applying principles adapted from aviation and nuclear power, and Air Force safety – the AFMS goal included reducing operational risk and achieving high reliability, realizing that aim requires a continuous focus on processes and outcomes.

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