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U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Mental Health Support

Our Work

The AFMOA Chief of Medical Staff required a subject matter expert (SME) to provide behavioral health training to health caregivers at several AFMOA clinics in support of the BHOP. The Knowesis SME had an extensive background in psychiatric and behavioral health treatments under the umbrella of military health as well as a capability to instruct and teach progressive treatment techniques and communicate expertise. Specifically, Knowesis provided a SME to:


  • Provide consultation, training, and train-the-trainer services at USAF military treatment facilities worldwide.
  • Serve as behavioral health consultant at AFMOA while not engaged in training.


Our Results 

The Knowesis SME developed and communicated behavioral health tactics and strategies to improve mental health and overall well-being. Additionally, they updated manuals, training materials, and other supporting documents. As materials were developed, the Knowesis team pre-tested the materials by consulting with active-duty Airmen to gain their input on the content, user interface, messaging and language, goals/objectives and other key attributes. We recruited the focus group participants and drafted reports of the findings. We trained and instructed more than 500 mental health specialists, psychologists, social workers and nurse practitioners. The Knowesis team conducted, facilitated and monitored one to two Air Force Internal Behavioral Health Consultant (IBHC) teleconference and webinar trainings per month, where providers from multiple bases participated for continuing education and to ensure overall process and healthcare delivery improvement.

U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Mental Health Support

  • The mission of the Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA) is to ensure the mental health needs of Air Force beneficiaries are met and that local medical treatment facilities have the resources needed to accomplish that mission. The development of the Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) consists of training mental health providers in the consultation model and development of the BHOP manual and training materials, with additional health provider and researcher training in the BHOP model.

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