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U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Data Quality Services

Our Work

Knowesis facilitates the AFMOA’s Data Quality Program by providing governance, analysis, strategic planning and return on investment realization. The goals of the program are to improve data accuracy, completeness and timeliness and to reduce variance, promote standardization of information in medical information systems across AFMOA. Program managers interfaced directly with AFMOA partners in the Military Health System, Veteran’s Administration, and other agencies to ensure accuracy and timeliness of crucial data sets.


Our Results 

Knowesis subject matter experts (SMEs) improved AFMOA’s data collection, capture, analysis and reports, reducing variance and promoting standardization in medical information systems across AFMOA and its partners accessing this critical information.


The Knowesis team developed a sustainable means to measure and monitor hospital and clinical operations, providing training and policy direction, and recommended system changes to enhance standardization and accuracy. In addition, our SMEs assisted in correcting erroneous information across the worldwide system.

U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Data Quality Services

  • The Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA) oversees execution of the Air Force Surgeon General policies supporting Air Force expeditionary capabilities, healthcare operations, and national security strategy. It provides expert consultative leadership support to 75 military treatment facilities and eleven major commands/direct reporting units to ensure cost-effective, modern, and prevention-based healthcare continuum for 2.1 million beneficiaries worldwide. The AFMOA directs and supports the clinical currency of 43,131 healthcare professionals providing 6.6 million visits and 133,500 bed days. Data capture, analysis, and reporting are of critical significance regarding program administration, patient safety, and systems and regulatory impacts.

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