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U.S. Air Force 18th Force Support Squadron (FSS)

Our Work

Knowesis subject matter experts designed and developed a a personnel records analytics system (PRAS) and dashboard for the 18th FSS to process personnel records. As part of that dashboard, Knowesis SMEs we were also tasked with:


  • Processing and analysis of personnel records and files
  • Designing and developing a data dictionary that was operated by users to access the data
  • Ensuring data dictionary function would be transportable to other systems and software for other bases and ease-of-use


Our Results 

The Knowesis solution included a data collection and analysis, dashboard development and maintenance, and a data dictionary module powered by a data processing rules interface. Ease-of-use functions allowed users to align data to a common word/phrase to better present and customize the view of data on the dashboard. Due to the nature of the data, this capability was critical for proper data presentation on the dashboards. The team’s expertise in HTML, CSS, and SQL was utilized to successfully fulfill client requirements.

U.S. Air Force 18th Force Support Squadron (FSS)

  • Operating from the largest U.S. installation in the Asia-Pacific region, the 18th Wing defends U.S. interests by providing a forward power projection platform with integrated, deployable, combat power. The Wing engages a force of 8,000 trained Airmen to support Air Force commitments in the Pacific region as well as U.S. military commitments around the world. To best track and support those Airmen, the Wing sought a system for improved personnel records management and analytics.

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