Strategic Planning: Using client mission and vision statements, as well as their own data, we work with leadership to chart a pathway forward. We facilitate decisions to establish strategic goals and objectives, cascading actions from strategic to operational and tactical.


Operational Decision Support: Making data driven decisions requires both the ability to discover and confirm courses of action that support strategic goals and objectives. Our analysts possess the technical and business domain knowledge to determine cause and recommend action. We tell stories with data.


Program Evaluation and Assessments: Knowesis uses an internal process for performing analyses, evaluations, and assessments, known as Inductive Solution Approach (ISA).ISA is a desirable option when there is a well-defined opportunity with a high level of understanding surrounding the subject, but traditional solutions have not yielded transformational results. ISA is ultimately flexible. It does not matter if an organization is defining future strategy five years out or redesigning a process. ISA has been successfully applied to interdepartmental federal programs, to smaller innovation project evaluations.


Performance Measurement: Once decisions have been made, measurements display the results. Knowesis provides end-to-end enterprise performance measurement services from metric development to organizational governance. Our performance management experts work collaboratively with stakeholders and domain experts to craft actionable metrics and action plans suitable for each organizational level. Similarly, Knowesis ensures governance performance measurement requirements are sufficient to support enterprise management.