Business Requirements: Using a wide variety of techniques and best practices, Knowesis assists clients in the requirements gathering process to enable decomposition of information technology (IT) into technical necessities.   Knowesis leverages a variety of processes to gather requirements to include traditional waterfall to Agile.  Our requirements experts integrate into teams and work closely with business and IT activities to ensure the needs of the business are fully described into digestible artifacts.


Technology Convergence: On any enterprise program, integration of the internal and external systems is a priority of the program.  Knowesis’ experts work with clients to produce consumable artifacts that describe the necessary integration activities, and our team is adept in assisting clients in the IT integration of systems and applications.  We understand the role of lead system integrator (LSI), and our team of experts seamlessly integrates with the needs and direction of the LSI to achieve the outcome required by the client.


Website Design and Development: Team Knowesis has supported both internal and external websites for federal clients, integrating the best in bread user experience while ensuring compliance with design and the breadth of security standards established each department/agency. Knowesis continually seeks to enhance usability by deploying the most current user experience methods (scrolling, mobile device accessibility, reduced nesting, clean display etc.). Our content management staff work directly with clients to ensure compelling fresh and relevant content is presented in a way that speaks to the audience.