Analytics and Data Science:  Data science enables the use of theoretical, mathematical, computational and other practical methods to study and evaluate data. The key objective is to extract required or valuable information that can be used for decision making that is descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive in nature. Data science concepts and processes are derived from data engineering, statistics, programming, social engineering, machine learning and natural language processing, among others.


Master Data Management: A data management platform consists of a data staging area, data warehouse/data mart, and the provisioning services to make data available to users, analytic services or other applications. Our data management solutions are based on the premise of security, high availability, technology currency and user friendliness.


Data Visualization and Enterprise Reporting: Our visualization solution uses contextual visual design to create engaging, interactive content that distills large amounts of data as well as enable by looking at their underlying components. Our technique integrates data from different sources into one highly interactive display so that users can quickly and effectively see the ‘big picture’ hidden in reams of data and volumes of reports.  In addition, Knowesis also employs data journalists to develop infographics to visually story-tell complex quantitative data.


Social Media Analysis and Monitoring: Reputation matters. Our social media experts employ a systematic approach to building social media strategies, including metrics monitoring, analysis and engagement recommendations. Our analysis interprets social media activity and evaluates alignment with strategic objectives.


Surveys and Assessments: Knowesis can develop, deploy, and analyze customer surveys and internal workplace assessments using web, telephone, mobile, email, and paper-based modalities.


Analytic Training: Our SMEs are also master trainers.  Knowesis has developed training for cutting edge analytic tools using client data to address "real world" business questions while enhancing technical skills.

Knowledge and Content Management: We work with clients to build information capture and sharing strategies using multiple platforms that best fit our client’s need. Protocols and guidance as well as training and education help drive adoption, creating understanding from data, breaking down silos, and building knowledge. We develop qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure outputs and outcomes, ensuring that the information is appropriately presented to tell a compelling story of efficient knowledge transfer. This is particularly important for government and military organizations with deploying, rotating and retiring staff.