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Solutions Overview

Knowesis is taken from the Greek word “noesis” which means the psychological result of perception, reasoning and learning.  Knowesis is prepared to act upon information and decisions as a trusted advisor to each client.  Innovation, professionalism, and agility are principles that guide all Knowesis’ relationships.  Knowesis is proud of it’s partnership and alliances throughout the industry and with academic institutions.

We offer robust solutions in the following areas:

  • Business Planning and Market Analysis
  • Practice Management
  • Human and Financial Management
  • Facility Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Clinical and Outcomes Research
  • Health Benefits Policy and Analysis
  • Knowledge/Content Management


Creativity and success go hand in hand.  Throughout history, successful people have achieved outstanding results by looking at their world, their jobs and their lives creatively.  Our associates take this perspective when approaching and devising methods and solutions for our clients.  This is not to say historical and tried methods are not valuable, indeed, they establish the baseline from which our efforts begin.  However in our environment, we must constantly be looking to adapt, in order to start, reinvigorating or choose another tactical path.

Knowesis has spurred innovation in health market planning and analysis through concept and development of the Tri-Service Business Planning Tool for the Military Health System.

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