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Communication & Engagement

Knowledge Flow Management – We work with clients to build information capture and sharing strategies using multiple platforms that best fit our client’s need. Protocols and guidance as well as training and education help drive adoption, creating understanding from data, breaking down silos, and building knowledge. We develop qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure outputs and outcomes, ensuring that the information is appropriately presented to tell a compelling story of efficient knowledge transfer. This is particularly important for government and military organizations with deploying and retiring staff. (See also Knowledge/Content Management)

Strategic Communication – Using traditional and social media, Knowesis builds effective and purpose-driven communication plans to reach select audiences and meet client goals. Our planning starts with the end in mind and includes measurements of performance and effectiveness. We develop a layered approach taking into consideration channel preferences for maximum impact. Our strategic communication plans present an integrated and seamless approach across applications, social media networks, and websites. Clear, consistent, and coordinated outreach ensures that messages drive awareness, engagement, and action.

Campaign Planning, Social Marketing – Knowesis designs, develops, and deploys social marketing theories and best practices to improve healthy behaviors, influence choices, and build health literacy. We start with understanding the change behavior, motivational factors, and baseline research of current conditions. From there we work closely with clients to develop a holistic campaign driving social change, with pre-determined evaluation metrics. This includes campaign collateral, media earned/paid for placement, consistent outreach efforts across a spectrum of channels, development of partnership, and collection of success stories to further amplify the intended outcomes.

Customer/Employee Engagement – We believe in the value of listening to our clients and their customers to build a trusting relationship. Understanding perspectives and what the customer values in a service or care experience can help inform process improvements, enhance better care, and drive healthier outcomes. We develop engagement surveys, analyze the data and environment, provide recommendations, and build strategies to assist our clients in understanding their customers better.

Facilitation & Meeting Planning – Our team of certified facilitators provide an unbiased resource to guide and monitor discussions, meetings, conferences, and off-sites. We advise clients on meeting design, schedules, and objectives as well as provide communication support before, during and after the meeting. This includes meeting packages, invitation/registration, meeting minutes, and after action reports.

Branding /Organizational Identity – Your brand is your value proposition. One glimpse of a logo can bring many images, experiences, and memories to mind. Knowesis works with customers to shape that branding and determine the best way to present the organizational identity through collateral for a vivid customer experience.

Leadership Messaging, Speech Writing – Knowesis provides writers to draft leadership messaging and speeches for busy executives. We work closely with clients to capture the tone, cadence, preferred language, and incorporate it in a captivating text appropriate for any occasion specified by the client.

Executive Coaching – We facilitate thinking and learning to adopt new behaviors and achieve personal and professional goals by bring focus to individual challenges. We partner with clients build new skills when taking on new roles, such as moving into a management position or taking on new leadership responsibilities. This could include discussions on assessing performance, making critical decisions, holding crucial conversations, how to motivate a diverse team, and other topics.